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About the Author

Lynn Scott-Cumming & Graeme Buckley
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Vision Statement
The purpose of this online gallery is to display our work and that of our fellow artists, whether they be painters, potters, writers or multimedia artists Australia. In this way I hope to bring the work of Townsville artists to your attention. If you are interested in purchasing art from any of the artists whose work is represented on this site, please contact that artist on the email address supplied. If you are seeking information on the visual or literary arts in Townsville, I may be able to help, or, at least, point you in the direction of someone who can.

Graeme Buckley gained his Bachelor of Science degree in Marine Biology in 2002. His passion for the marine environment is a result of both upbringing and birthright. Graeme’s grandfather and father were fishermen and as a result seafood and fishermen’s tales were a staple part of the Buckley family’s diet. His artwork reflects on life in North Queensland, whether that be wading through the mangroves in search of muddies, motoring in tinnies along the saltwater creeks, or peering through microscopes at the zooplankton.

Lynn Scott – Cumming

Lynn’s life has ranged between her early childhood in the arid plains of South Australia and the humid, damp, mould-inducing wet seasons of tropical North Queensland. Both habitats have strongly influenced her art. Her early work reflected on the red heart deserts and the salt lakes. Her present work revolves around the mangroves that are close to her home. She seeks to explore the mysteries of life through the eyes of the beings who dwell in her worlds. She invites you to stride with her into their mysteries.