Our Future

Our Future

Black Bird Arts Townsville Center has a long history and many accomplishments, which you can read about in Our Story. As we look ahead to the future, with your help, we want to do much more.

As artists, arts organizations, businesspeople, arts educators, policymakers, and interested citizens across Queensland State, we are animated by a vision of a vibrant cultural and creative life for all Queensland residents.

The state of Queensland is rich in creative capital. The arts have been a primary cultural and economic driver in large and small communities statewide. And, with Queensland’s already high involvement in global exchange, we are poised to become a creative and cultural leader not just nationally but internationally as well. In our vision of the future, our state and local communities get the maximum economic benefit from a strong creative sector, and Queensland’s cultural expression draws people from around the country and around the world to see what we are doing here.

Increased public and private support are both vital in order for the arts in Queensland to reach its full potential in our local communities and on a wider stage. We work not just with arts organizations and artists, but with diverse public and private partners in economic development, tourism, education, and health and social services to help create common vision:

• High quality arts experiences for all Queenslanders
Queenslanders throughout the state will have access to a wide range of arts experiences and cultural events. The quality of the arts in Queensland will be nationally and internationally recognized.

• Artistic freedom for everyone
People will understand the importance of artistic freedom and support a diversity of artistic expression.

• Diverse arts at the center of community life
In every community, people of all ages and cultural and economic backgrounds will have a broad range of choices for arts involvement, and the arts will be woven into all aspects of community life: neighborhoods, health, education, economic development, planning, and more.

• Lifelong arts education for all children and adults
The arts will remain in Queensland’s educational standards as a funded mandate. Skilled educators statewide will offer high quality education in a broad range of arts disciplines to students of all ages in the community. The media will play a key role in educating the public about the arts.

• Strong public and private investment in the arts
State, national, and local government investment in the arts, combined with private support will be sufficient to make the above four goals attainable.

• A vital and inclusive arts network
Through involvement in Queensland, artists, arts organizations, and people who care about the arts throughout Washington will be part of an active, inclusive community focused on the arts and arts advocacy in local, state, and national arenas. Queensland will be recognized in Queensland and nationally as a leader among statewide arts networks.

This is our vision for the future of Queensland. Please join us in making it a reality.