Tattoo trends in Australia – A Big Yes And A Small No

Tattoo trends in Australia – A Big Yes And A Small No

Tattoos popularity in Australia

Tattoos are rapidly finding their market in Australia compared to a few years ago when they were regarded as a tabloid. This massive growth was mostly led by the tattoos designs that included a word or a phrase category. However, a recently conducted surveys reveal that around 70 per cent of Australian’s now prefer to have a symbol or picture getting tattooed on their body, compared to about 20 per cent who still goes for a phrase or a word tattoo design.

Whether job denial a possibility?

Australians cannot be denied employment by hiring managers because of body alterations involving tattoo designs. There is no legislation in force that prohibits people from endorsing tattoos on their body, unusual hairstyles and their colouring, body piercing, and so on. However, some professions may demand employees to cover tattoos at work such as police, law agencies, healthcare professionals, bankers, financial institutions and teachers, to name a few.

The legitimacy of hand tattoos in Australia

It does not amount to illegality to endorse hand tattoos in Australia, and no such law currently exists and or passed by the Australian Senate. However, it is a criminal breach of law in Adelaide to own tattoo parlour, and at the same time, the owner linked to any motorcycle gang. It was done to eradicate gang activities in the Adelaide city, which make sense.

General precautions to follow after getting a tattoo

Some of the general advice provided by the tattoo artistes to their customers include:

1. Wash tenderly using lukewarm water after 2 to 4 hours of sporting tattoos.
2. Use any good moisturizing cream and apply smoothly on the symbol.
3. Avoid direct sunlight exposure to the tattooed area.
4. Staying away from swimming pools, bath tubs etc. to avoid the tattoo getting drenched in water.
5. Do not scratch the tattooed area if it itches. If it is uncontrollable itching, seek professional doctors advise immediately.

Health risks involved with tattoos

There may be health risks involved if the tattoo needles are not sanitized as they may be contaminated needles. Complications and challenges may include hepatitis B and C, tetanus and even HIV.
Reasons that make tattoos popular

Tattoos are most popular in the younger generation due to their stylish and elegant inking. Several other reasons for its popularity are emulating rock star idols by their fan following, expressing one’s independence and creativity, and an open window for messaging to the outside world.

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