Thinking of Tattoo, What Should I Choose?

Thinking of Tattoo, What Should I Choose?

Getting a tattoo is an enjoyable and exciting process for every single individual out there, but, that doesn’t mean that we should be reckless while doing it. Before you go running into the first tattoo shop you see, you need to think about what’s the perfect tattoo style for you, what tattoo artist would’ve done the best work, etc.

It means that a good tattoo requires a lot of thinking and planning, all to make sure that you won’t make a mistake and regret it in the future. That’s why we’ve decided to take a trip down the memory lane, talk about tattoo styles, tattoo history, answer some of the most critical questions that are closely correlated to the art of tattooing and ultimately, that will help you pick your perfect tattoo.

How Do I Differ a Different Kind of Tattooing?

First things first, we need to talk about different kinds of tattooing. Tattoo artists Sydney claimed that the reason for that is the fact there are many different styles of tattooing, which can give you amazing results, but of course differently. For example, if you step in a tattoo shop and ask for a tattoo of a rose, you can get that tattoo done minimalistic, where it will be a little less noticeable. You can also get it done in a traditional way, where that tattoo will have bolder lines, brighter colours, etc. It is what we meant when we said that “the same” tattoo can look way different based on what style was it done in. For you to pick the style that suits you the most, we suggest you research a bit more to get familiar with other styles of tattooing such as Black Work, Cover-Ups, Dotwork, Realistic, Tribal, etc.

What’s the Difference Between Traditional and Neo-Traditional Tattoos

Even though many people say that there aren’t any differences between traditional and neo-traditional tattoos, they are subtle, and they do indeed exist. When we’re talking about traditional ones, we are talking about tattoos that consist of very dark and heavy lines and really solid colours. Their design is kept simple, and considering that they generally don’t use colours other than blue, green, yellow, brown, the colour palette that they use is pretty small. On the other hand, even though neo-traditional tattoos use the same technique as the traditional ones, they have a more complex design, and they use more colours, which makes them “somewhat” different and unique.

What is The New School Tattooing?

The new school tattooing is a style that relies heavily on vivid tones, somewhat rounded shapes, and extremely cartoonish concepts. Even though this style is unique, it still uses some of the same ideas that traditional tattooing is known for, such as bold lines and large shapes. It’s also worth mentioning that the new school style influenced by comic books, tv shows, video games, etc.

Which tattoo considered as The Best One and Why?

This question is probably the hardest one to answer, and the reason for that is the fact that it’s purely subjective. You get the one that you like the most of the means to you the most because you know what they say, the beauty is in the eyes of the beholder!

How did people tattoo in ancient times?

Even though it might seem like something that just got popular in the last couple of decades, tattooing is very old. Some historians say that the first tattoos can be traced back to 3300 BC. They found on a body in the alps, and it believed they were made by rubbing pieces of charcoal into the cuts. The design was nothing special, considering that these “tattoos” were just a couple of connected dots, but hey, that’s a good enough start for future generations!

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