5 Best Tools That Will Help in Getting Rid of House Paint

5 Best Tools That Will Help in Getting Rid of House Paint

1. Heat Gun

Though not very useful in removing the paint per se, it does soften up the dry and hard paint which makes it easier to scrape it off, thus actually being quite useful in some scenario but then again they work a little slow so you should only use it if you need it. Besides, using it quite frequently on dry wood is never recommended due to high temperatures causing a nasty scenario.

2. Electric Sander

Okay, this one also doesn’t remove the paint by itself, but it helps identify when you’ve reached solid colour. The colours are not too expensive either (around 30-40 bucks), so it’s better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

3. Wire Brush

Time to use that brute force by using a wire brush! It’s excellent at taking off peeling paint and doesn’t require any prior setup like an electric sander but anything other than peeling paint means you’re going to have to go for a different choice. Plus, they’re even cheaper than an electric sander so once again, won’t hurt to have one in case you need it.

4. Paint Shaver

Mind you; this isn’t one of those tools that claim to shave paint and can’t live up to the claim. This one from the brand name ‘The Paint Shaver’ can do what it’s advertised to do. The method of use is quite simple; A vacuum pulls in all the stripped paint and stores it for disposal, and all of this seems reasonable until you’ll realize that you’re going to spend a fortune on this around $600. But, if you can spend that kind of money, professional painters swear by it, so why not?

5. Manual Scraper

When things don’t work, it’s time to go old school by manually removing scraps of paint with a scraper. It’s a piece of metal, so it’s dirt cheap, and it just only works. However, how effective it is is dependent on your muscle power, so get ready for sore hands if you have a large area to work with paints. 

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