How to Make Your Own Tattoo Gun

How to Make Your Own Tattoo Gun

Tattoos can be a great way for an individual to define their personality. Getting a tattoo can be expensive. Reccommended by tattoo Artists, if it is difficult for you to go to a tattoo shop all by yourself, bring your personalized tattoos home. You can now follow a simple procedure to make a tattoo gun for yourself at home all by yourself using the basic tools which you can find around the house pretty easily. Prepare yourself to get some of that aesthetic ink on your skin to define who you are. You can also get better at tattoos once you get to practice more at home by using a homemade tattoo gun. The process of making your own tattoo gun is fairly easy.

Tools for a Homemade Tattoo Gun:
For a homemade tattoo gun, you will need:

  • Battery/motor
  • A mechanical pen for the tube
  • A teaspoon or a toothbrush
  • A lighter
  • Metal strings for the needles
  • Liquid dish soap
  • Water
  • Tape
  • Sterilized Jar
  • Super Glue
    Once you gather all the tools, you can get to assembling your own tattoo gun.

The Process:
1. Mechanical Pen & The Motor
You need to make sure that the motor you are using has the power of 12 to 18 volts for the best results. You will find a small shaft in your motor. All you have to do is remove the eraser from the mechanical pen and pass it through the motor using a little bit of super glue. Remember to keep space for the needle.

2. Prepare The Tube
Using the same mechanical pen, simply file a small hole in the brass tip for the needle to pass through it. You can use a normal ballpoint pen as an alternative in which you will have to remove the ink tube entirely.
3. The Brace
This is for the support of your tattoo gun once it is attached to the motor. Simply split the spoon into two parts; the bowl and the part from where you hold a spoon. Using the lighter, bend the handle into an L shape. If a spoon is too much of a struggle, use a toothbrush for the L shape part.
4. Prepare The Needle
First, boil the liquid soap with water in a pan. While it is heating up, use a metal string which is longer than your tattoo gun tube. Boil the string in the water for five minutes. After five minutes, boil it in the normal water without the soap. Prepare a few needles in advance and keep them sterilized in a jar.

5. Attach Tube & Motor
You have to use a tape here to firmly attach first, the tube to the spoon handle and then the motor. Make sure the pen’s open end and the curve in the spoon handle are lined up, tightly attached to each other. Then you can attach the motor to the remaining L shaped spoon handle which is the brace.
6. Attach Needle to the Motor
Now carefully insert the needle into the tube. Once its out from the other end, create a hook by folding the string several times into 90-degree angle at the end of your needle. Using the hook, attach the needle to the motor. It will go in and out on spinning the eraser attached to the motor.
7. Power Your Motor
Simply attach the wire of your power source to both the ends of the motor to bring it to life. Your tattoo gun is now complete.

Tip: Do not reuse the same needle and tube again. Discard used items at once for safety purposes.
Now that you have your tattoo gun prepared, give your tattoos a try and have fun!

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